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I can write a story for u like my series mistwood fights
and I can add anything with it but it dependents on:
-what is in it,
-how long u want it
-and how many characters u want in it

so if u want I can write a story for u and it will go on as long as u want it to be 

also I want to make it like 5-10 points to get the made but I can't lower the price so I was thinking on opening a donation thing for the commissions, so yea message me if you want that 
Stuff I can try and make for ppl
I can make a anime person for you with a good description and I can try my best making it
I also can make animals and stuff like that
and maybe somthing fantasy like 
And for those who like MWF, MWH and TCOBF I can create a character that could and might be added in one of them or in a future story.
So if you want I can try my best to make one for you so just ask


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Hey sorry for the late updates on my stories.
Been busy and stuff. Aka haven't been around to write and such
So on the 15th of June it will be the anniversary of the story 'Mistwood fights'
very cool ik.... well to me but others... im not sure
anyway with that coming up I'm gonna do a QnA for anyone who is curious about anyhitng in the story ask away
I'm curious to see waht ppl have to ask
(tbh i feel like no one will actually ask anythign but hey tehres a chance)
Alright so let us see what is going to happen within this story. Wwwwooooo!!!. But first a little lesson about Phantom Heart Labyrinth. Uuuugggghhhh learning. Hey just listen, so within the game once you start it a little gem will appear randomly within any area. Once it is found by the designated player then well, that's a surprise. Really -_- Yep! -Sigh- lets just start this.

'Ugh my head, what happened last night?' I groaned sitting up reaching up to my head to rub it. That was until I felt something that was not there before "what the hell?" I pulled at what was on my head, which ended up making me yelp in pain "Vincent? Ugh my head" I turned to see Twi- Wait hold up that could not be Twila unless.... "Twila I think we may be in a bad situation" I muttered looking around us.

I rubbed my head as I opened my eyes to see.... "Why do you look like your Phantom Heart Labyrinth character?" I asked getting up from the ground, Vincent sighed and pointed to me "have you taken a look at yourself?" I was confused on what he was taking about and looked down and saw that I also looked liked my Phantom Heart Labyrinth character "what the hell?!" I could believe what I was seeing 'this has to be a dream... yea that's it' I thought noticing Vincent walking towards a familiar place.

"Hey where are you going?" I turned to see Twila running to catch up with me, I motioned over to the MasterCrest Crypt "well if were gonna figure what the hell is going on then lets go the the last place we where in when we played the game." I explained as I descended the stairs deeper into the crypt.

Once we had gotten to the boss area of the crypt a horrid cackle could be heard, "finally you return to the place where you'll parish!" Luckily me and Vincent dodged in time before a ball of shattered bones smashed into the ground that we stood, I rolled back into a standing position 'holy shit I did not know I could do that!' I thought to myself as I drew my bow. The source of the voice came into view "Mornila? How are you back?" I asked drawing an arrow, she didn't answer my question but instead sent a swarm of SoulLeach bats. 

I watched as Twila killed the SoulLeach bat swarm that came her way easily but something was off about Mornila, she seemed to have more power... And no matter what we did she wouldn't die "just give up nothing will work!" Mornila let out another horrid cackle. I could feel my body get weaker due to all this spell casting and fighting, I don't think I can fig- "Dark angel V! Here catch!" okay I feel like that guy is always interrupting my train of thoughts.

I looked over to see sir Luminos demon caster holding some stone, must have been ripped from the gargoyle beside him. "Sir Luminos! Why are you here?" I asked as he tossed Vincent the stone he held and jumped down next to me, he smirked and said nothing as he looked over to Vincent. Confused I looked over and saw a dark aura around him; I gasped as he fell to the ground, I was about to run to his side when sir Luminos stopped me and I understood why.

The pain was awful and I could barley stand while my body felt like it was set ablaze. But it subsided and I felt my body change, my feline appendages transform to canine. I let out a low growl as I waved my hand in front me and a circle of black symbols appeared "oh look the little kitten has changed into a little pup, how cute." Mornila cackled again and that was getting on my nerves, so as I clenched my teeth tighter I felt the energy from my anger flow through me into the circle summoning a wolf. That seemed to shut that bitch up so I smirked and told her "this is a little something for your stupid return" I waved my hand and the wolfs attacked her.

I covered my eyes and peeked from between my fingers to see shreds of Mornila's black dress fly and screams of pain could be heard. Once they had died down and the crypt became silent I removed my hand to see Vincent walk over to us, he sighed before talking "god that was both invigorating and awful" I sighed as well and looked over to sir Luminos who was writing something down. I titled my head confused and curious "what cha writing there?" he looked up and closed his book "I write down all the monsters and bosses I encounter and make cards and well I actually made my own trading cards," I felt my eyes shine is delight "no way! I would so love to see them sometime!" I asked sounding super excited.

I chuckled watching Twila go all nerd but I stopped after hearing a little something, "oh you can if you go to Mistwood school" my heart insistently stopped "oh well me and Vincent here do so we should meet up." I couldn't move my mind had stopped "oh so his name is Vincent ea? Well I'm Mark Luminos" 'his name is Mark?... God damn it why is he so hot?' I thought as he waved good bye and left. I didn't notice but I held my breath and I let it out as Twila walked over to me "dude you are love struck" I shook my head "what no that is so not true.... is it that obvious?" I asked sounding defeated.

I giggled at Vincent's awful attempt of hiding his feelings to Mark "well come on I saw a light shine over there and I'm guessing it's our way home" he nodded and followed me and well I was right after stepping through the portal I was back in my room. I sighed and sat on my bed wondering what the fuck happened, well better not stress over it so I should just go to bed and see what tomorrow brings me.

Ssssooo what did ya think?
Dude that took forever to be written. Shut up I was having a hard time focusing and getting time to write. Mhm well cool idea with the gem and such. Thanks. Anyway till next time and we'll see what's gonna happen later.
Omg Omg Omg. Dude calm down. I can't! It took me like FOREVER to write this! So, that happens. Well that and stuff did happen so yea. Okay you right well let us get started! Yea!

The MasterCrest Crypt was coming into view, its dark and eerie presence sent shivers down my spine and made all my hairs stand on end. "Hey Vincent I have to ask" I turned to Twila who had a cloak on with the hood up, "sure what is it?" She looked up at my head and pointed as she asked "why the hell do you have cat ears and tail?" I was super confused on what she was talking about. That was until I realized what she was asking "oh well I completed the monster mix trial that was limited and I was in the top 5 to win I got cat ears and tail" I told her with a toothy grin.

I could not believe Vincent was in the top 5 for the monster mix trial "how did you do that! I couldn't even do that!" I asked shocked, he chuckled and lifted his hand "well if your a mage like me then you can do it" a black flame ignited on his hand. I was taken back since every mage I knew they could only do regular flames never black. Vincent chuckled again as he said "come on lets get this quest completed" I shook my head and followed him in to the crypt.

"God this place must be programmed to generate spider webs" I muttered burning a web that almost got in my hair, Twila giggled at this, I rolled my eyes at her. Everything was going fine in the crypt until we entered the main chamber "look out skeletal screamers" Twila said drawing her bow, while she did that I summoned black flames on my hands ready to turn some skeletal screamers to ash. But instead of attacking us they ran past "what the hell are they running from?" I asked perplexed, that was when a sudden and eerie laugh could be heard.

I lowered my bow as I saw a woman dressed in black silk with blood red eyes staring at us with a grin of sharp teeth; "welcome to my home and domain" the woman waved her hand towards me and Vincent and a sudden swarm of SoulLeach bats came at us. "Black flame barrier!" flames shot from Vincent's hands and formed a barrier around us, the horrid screams of the SoulLeach bats could be heard after they hit the barrier and burned away.

I could hold the barrier for a short amount of time, the woman laughed as she sent more of her pets at us "you can't hold out much longer kitten" the barrier couldn't stand any longer and it fell as did I. The huge swarm of SoulLeach bats screeched and shot towards me and Twila, this was it I was going to get killed by SoulLeach ba- "Seven deadly strike!" someone shouted and all the SoulLeach bats died "what is the meaning of this?!?" Who ever had killed the bats landed right in front of me. 

I was shocked but happy to see that someone is nice enough to save me and Vincent from death "now leave this nice archer and mage alone Mornila" with that the guy took out his sword and plunged it into the ground. A sudden shake of the crypt caused the floor around 'Mornila' to break and caused her to fall, I helped Vincent up "thank you..." "sir Luminos demon caster" the guy said in a knightly voice "well thank you sir Luminos we are grateful for your help" he gave me a warm and kind smile "it was my plesuar milady" and with that he disappeared. I turned to Vincent to see he was in some sort of a daze "who was that handsome guy?" I giggled and told him "not sure but he might be someone here in Mistwood" after I said that Vincent had stars in his eyes "then I'll need to find him!" I giggled again "well lets get going" he nodded and we left the MasterCrest Crypt.


"Tisk tisk tisk this will not do Mornila" a voice said to the woman that had fallen who was now climbing back up from the hole that was created by the knight, "it was those damned kids" she said gritting her teeth "well let's make them pay by bringing them back~" Mornila smiled evilly "yes that will be great" she went deeper into the crypt to prepare for the fight that was soon coming.

Calm down its going to be explained later. FINE THEN I'LL WAIT! And you can stop shouting. SORRY! 
Hey sorry for not updating any stories here :(
But I will soon... Just having writes block and idea failure 



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So on the 15th of June it will be the anniversary of the story 'Mistwood fights'
very cool ik.... well to me but others... im not sure
anyway with that coming up I'm gonna do a QnA for anyone who is curious about anyhitng in the story ask away
I'm curious to see waht ppl have to ask
(tbh i feel like no one will actually ask anythign but hey tehres a chance)


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